Upgrade to LEAP 42.1 - "nothing provides"

I believe I followed the SDB System upgrade religously but when running

zypper dup

I am faced with hundreds of "nothing provides . . . . " questions. This can’t be right. But if this is normal, how do I determine the right answer? For example do I break the new ModemManager by ignoring dependencies?

There is a lot mising about what you did or what you have now. What is your repo list at the moment?

zypper lr -d

What repos are you using?

zypper lr -d

And from what are you upgrading?

PS: Not really related to your problem, but I would rather upgrade to 42.2.
Support for 42.1 will end in less than 3 months already…

Thanks. The machine will not boot at present. I was upgrading from 13.2 to 42.1 leap. One oss update active for 42.1, refreshed, etc. Finished all the preliminary steps, modified fstab, etc.

Sorry. Should read “One oss update repo…”

Did you add the main 42.1 repo too?
If not it would explain the missing dependencies, and also why your system is broken now…

modified fstab, etc.

Hm, why that?

Anyway, probably the best thing to do now is download the installation CD/DVD (either the full DVD or the Network-install CD), boot from it and upgrade again.

I was following the CLI instructions at


I thought it wanted only the update repo to be enabled. My fault.

Thanks anyway. After what you said I think I will create a DVD for 42.2 and jump ahead. I have backups of the 13.2

Awesome! Welcome to modernity! :slight_smile: