Upgrade to latest GNOME (2.27 ?)

On openSUSE 11.1, using GNOME 2.26, I would like to upgrade to the latest GNOME (i.e. GNOME-Factory, version 2.27).

What repo’s need to be enabled to upgrade to the latest GNOME version - 2.27, and procedure in brief ?


Not sure it’s advisable:
Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Factory/openSUSE_11.1

Just add the repo and update. I don’t use gnome, so you could do with waiting for someone who does to offer comment.

Don’t be so pessimistic.

The TS surely is an experienced tester of software explicitly marked as “not for production use BETA version”.


I note there are cutting edge live CDs for gnome on openSUSE-11.1, here:
Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Medias/images/iso

… what version of Gnome are those running? Possibly 2.27 ?

2.26 - and they are a bit too big for CDs. :slight_smile:

deleted - in correct post

Just add the GNOME:Factory (GNOME 2.27.92 currently) and GNOME:Backports:2.28 repositories for 11.1 and run sudo zypper dup.

What is the GNOME:Backports repo for ?

Any additional GNOME repo for applications ?