Upgrade to KDE4.1

I use KDE-Suse10.3 64-bit and I have installed KDE4 on it. KDE4.1 is already available for download? How do I upgrade to 4.1 since I am not being notified of any update yet.


That one-click installer will give you the very latest beta of 4.1

Isn’t KDE4.1 RC2 out? I don’t want the beta or the lastest snapshot. There is a stable version out there somewhere.

That link gives you KDE 4.1 rc1 see anouncments page
K Desktop Environment - KDE 4.1 RC1 Release Announcement

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I ran the posted link (while in E17) and it upgraded to 4.0.98
which is 4.1 RC1 but quite a few packages could not be found on the server, so I skipped on past those then opened a root terminal and entered “zypper dup”
and it then installed all the missing packages :cool:
rebooted into KDE 4.1 and all seems Ok to me (not had much time to test yet)
I like the new comics in that widget tho :wink:

“zypper dup” does what that the link to the “one-click” install doesn’t do ??

on the one-click install Yast kept saying “package not found on server” about eight times (one of which was kdebase4) so I ran zypper dup and it found the packages and installed them. No idea why I’m new with this distro coming from Gentoo and using portage

BTW I’ve fallen in love with the right-click run command,
dunno if that was there in KDE 4.0 but it’s mint in 4.1 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/bearbonez/thumbsup.gif

It was in KDE 4.0 (it’s called Krunner BTW) but it wasn’t that pretty, the new one looks way better.
Also the keyboard shortcut is alt-F2.