upgrade to kde3.4 a big succes

updated unconditionaly kde from factory as in the howto
deleted .kde4
All is now as it was with kde 4.2.4
a littlebit more speed but overall the same
No complains from my side and thumbs up for the devs
they took the critic series so System Settings is a beauty.

and then a brand new kde 3.4 you install it and

YAST is down the drain that changes in a total mess

please a method to revert it to yast opensuse 11.1:’(

Yast is solved bij installing the 3 rpm’s from dvd 11.1

There were some issues with the Yast interface and a change that made it need double click, but that has been changed now. But the UI is still ugly IMO, heavens knows why they changed it.

Yast’s UI missis the possebility to change the look and feel of a selectione

On my screen it turned dark blue when i dit a one klick on
Software Management, you cant read what was selekted
so a 3 or 5 times missed Software Repositiries instaed of Software Management

The layout of the UI has to folow the one Personal Setting has got

The new layout (icon view) or (Classic tree view)

With the classic tree vieuw only the sub selections may be visseble in the right window part

be a 1 click interface and end of discussion wich way is the best;)