Upgrade to KDE 4.5

Good evening folks!

I hate to ask a silly question, but I’ve searched the forums and Google, and can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for.

I’m currently using 11.2/KDE 4.3.5. I’d like to upgrade to KDE 4.5 (but staying with 11.2). Could someone point me in the right direction?


You need to add the Factory (version 4.5) repositories (there are three) for KDE and openSUSE 11.2 in YaST Software Repositories. You can find this below at:

KDE repositories - openSUSE

Next, you open up Software Management, hit the View Button and Select Repositories. Highlight the name on the left for what ever you called the KDE Factory 4.5 Core Packages and then on the top, pick “Switch to this Repository”. Everything loaded for KDE which exists as a newer version in the new location will be loaded, upgrading you to KDE version 4.5. Be for warned that a few odd things can happen. For instance, I had the sound module in YaST uninstalled for some reason. I added it back, but I could not figure out why it did this.

The other and much slower way to do it is after you add in the new KDE 4.5 repositories, I then set the priority for the new software to a lower number than the rest. This makes KDE 4.5 versions come to the top of the versions tab list. Next I go into Yast / Software Management and just search for KDE. I then go to the Versions Tab and EVERYTHING that has a 4.5 version, select its bullet to be upgraded. This takes way longer, but you have some more control over what is upgraded and what if any, must be uninstalled.

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Hi , I am running KDE 4.5, which as far as Suse is concerned still a Factory Version. Here the URL for the repositories:
KDE repositories - openSUSE

As you can see there are factory repositories for 11.2
On my Desktop KDE 4.5 runs fine !!! I tried it on my Lap top …problems, Since I could not to be bothered to go into details I down graded my Laptop to KDE 4.4.4
I would upgrade to 11.3 first, get all the latest updates and then try KDE 4.5

good luck

Just be aware that this repository will change to KDE 4.6
(development version) somewhere in November:
WARNING To Users of KDE Factory Repositories!

I hope KDE 4.5.* will be switched to some different repository by that time.

Thanks for the replies jdmcdaniel3, otto_oz and seld… I’ll have a go at it tonight and report back.

Uh oh… Forum, I have a problem.

After upgrading to 4.4 (not 4.5 - I wanted to go with the latest stable), I have nothing on my laptop’s screen. I can see the boot sequence and log in screen, but after I enter my password…nothing.

No desktop, no task bar, just nothing. Thankfully, I conducted a back up just last Saturday and won’t lose anything major if I decide to just do a fresh install of 11.3, but what happened?

And, more importantly, how can I fix it?


Just some more amplifying information…

I did the upgrade (clicked on all the 4.3 apps that were already installed to update them to 4.4) and rebooted… that’s when I started having the problems with the screen. I can see and move the mouse, but that’s about it… just a blank screen.

I suppose that is some configuration problem.
Of course I cannot say for sure.

But if it is a problem with some configuration files,
the easiest way for me would be renaming ~/.kde4
to something like ~/.kde4_old. folder from command line.
That command moves all KDE 4 settings to
.kde4_old folder in your home directory.
Do you know how to do this from command line?

Though, it may be not very good if have some useful
settings there and don’t like default ones or
don’t want to configure it again from scratch.

Somewhat harder would be renaming (or removing)
plasma configuration files, so plasma-desktop process
would generate default ones. These files are:

Also (just to be sure) please post the repos you use now.

zypper lr -uP

Everyone - Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, it did not work. Because I needed to get the system up and running and did not have to time to fiddle with configuration files, I ended up installing 11.3… thankfully, it recognized my previous installation, so it did not format my /home.

All is well now, but I do wish I could figure out what went wrong. Maybe some day…