Upgrade to KDE 4.1


is there one-click install for upgrade to KDE 4.1?

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KDE 4.1

As we’ve already discussed, KDE 4.0 is still maturing and may lack features that experienced KDE users expect. However, KDE 4.1 will be much better in these respects and is expected to be released in late July. Shortly after the 4.1 release announcement, it will be available from the openSUSE Build Service repositories, enabling users to update via 1-click-install — albeit not officially supported. However, if you want to run the latest and greatest from KDE, you’ll be able to do so (and help testing as well!)

The next openSUSE release, openSUSE 11.1, should be out in December of this year and include a thoroughly tested and well-integrated KDE 4.1.x right out of the box.

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sm0k3r wrote:

> is there one-click install for upgrade to KDE 4.1?


Thank you men :slight_smile:

again openSUSE wins!

The only issue with this is that by December KDE 4.2 will be ready.

Starting to feel like you’re shooting for a moving target? :smiley:

4.2 seems to be the one the developers themselves feel will be most ready for day to day use.



I’ve upgrade to KDE 4.1 but I dont like it’s structure, prefer for now the 4.0.x version… anyway after downgrade the kdeinit stop working and have upgrade again.

waiting December for KDE 4.2 with the unstable version of my present KDE 4.1 B2, shrug

SuSE 11.1 will probably use a hybrid 4.1/4.2 as they did with 4.0.x

I installed 4.1 but its not quite as freeform as I had hoped and the kicker is still a mess. I’m really looking forward to future releases to cause to me, KDE 4 is starting to show a lot of potential.