Upgrade to gnome 3.8 went bad

I’ve used the official GS38 repo. But after reboot I get this


If I disable the repo and do

 zypper dup

it falls back to gnome 3.6 (naturally) and it works.
I could not find any post on the web about such upgrades going bad, but I guess there is a first time for everything

This is what I use to upgrade

zypper ar -f obs://GNOME:STABLE:3.8/openSUSE_12.3 GS38
zypper dup --from GS38

I made sure all packages and repos were up to date before hand

Opensuse 12.3 GNOME (fresh install)

Here is some more info



p.s. for whatever reason couldn’t attach the files in the post so I used links

Push up :slight_smile: