Upgrade to 13.1 failed: Image failed to verify with <<ACESS DENIED>>

Hi everyone,

I was trying to upgrade my Fujitsu LH532 from win8+12.3 to 13.1 through the DVD way. Upgrade installation is chosen and everything looks fine until an automatic restart to
**Image failed to verify with <<ACESS DENIED>>. Press any key to continue.
grub doesn’t show up and win8 works fine. I have tried to change the security boot from uefi but it’s not allowed.
Anyone can shed a light?


After days of searching, I realised it’s like the serious problem of locked secure boot. Can anyone help please?

Turn off secure boot. You may be able to turn it on again once things get updated. But I think Secure boot is over rated as a protection method. Think about it if some malware manages to change a secured item then you have bricked the machine at least until you reinstall.

I had the same problem.
press f2 and start yr laptop. (if this does not work try f12).
In the bios menu that opens set the booting option to prefer the HDD (rather than the DVD which should be taken off by the way).
As gogalthorp suggested turn off the secure boot too.
That should work! good luck! :smile:

Thank you so much, gogalthorp and phaethon. I have tried a few times in the bios setup from either restart or cold start, but the items under secure boot section are all gray (Trying to upload a screenshot of bios setup but the dropbox link doesn’t work. Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup). I’ve heard people using other brands like lenovo can turn it off. It’s a Fujitsu LH532 purchased in January. Anyone got a clue?https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gkwaasrl4xmvsy/DSC_0927.jpg


Following a WINDOWS 8 DOWNGRADE TO WINDOWS 7 GUIDE on Fujitsu website, the secure boot can be disabled by three steps:

  1. set up a supervisor password;
  2. disable secure boot;
  3. remove the password should you like.

The details can be found at http://www.fujitsu.com/downloads/COMP/fpcap/uguide/WIN8_downgrade_to_Win7_GUIDE_EN_20121120.pdf

Nice to learn that u succeeded! I think that it can be done though in windows 8 in general options menu + troubleshoot - UEFI options or booting options- something like that. N joy !