upgrade to 11.1

i have opensuse 11.0 installed right now, can i upgrade to 11.1 without writing over the graphic card drivers that i installed on 11.0… i dont want to have to reinstall the drivers all over again if 11.1 formats the drive, since once i reboot without driver i get a black screen…
not to mention losing my wireless card drivers and having to reinstall them as well

how if there is a way?


11.1 has a new kernel so the drivers may not work.
If you have a system that works and you are happy with i would stay with it.
When i upgrade i save my /home and format / which is normally the best way to go.
Though i have never had driver isuues that could not be easily foxed or worked ootb


what do you do, “save my /home and format”

what do you save and how?

if you consider linux partitions

it takes

you just need to check “/” viz root to be formatted and not the “/home”

while installing with your dvd you can edit the partitons as stated above