Upgrade to 11.1 via Zypper


I’ve tried to upgrade my 11.0 to 11.1 using the zypper method because I’m so lazy and don’t want to download the DVD…

I’ve got 1135 packages to upgrade via zypper, and I interrupted it when I had 1050/1135 packages upgraded.

Now I wanted to start OpenSuSE to continue the upgrade process, but I had first to edit the fedora’s GRUB menu.lst and add the openSuSE 11.1 option, already present in the OpenSuSE’s menu.lst

OpenSuSE 11.1 starts very quickly, and no problem until the GDM is loaded, I got this error :

No servers were defined in the configuration file and XDMCP was disabled. This can only be a configuration error.
GDM has started a single server for you. You should login and fix the configuration. Note that automatic and timed logins are disabled now.

Then I click on “OK” and I’m transferred to another light-blue interface with the Yellow flower and the login form.

I type my nick and pass, but I get “Authentification Error”
OpenSuSE doesn’t reconize my password, even with root …

How to tell OpenSuSE that I’m the Boss ??

I’m surprised how did you upgrade to 11.1 via zypper.
there is no such option in zypper, only dist-upgrade but it no upgrade packages and binaries to 11.1 version

I removed the 11.0 repositories cleaned the cache, then added the official 11.1 repositories and pacman repo. Then :

#zypper ref
#zypper dup

Boot the dvd and do a update from there. You may have to do a bit of forcing and locking down.

I have to ask WHY? Did you stop it!

I Stopped the upgrade because I was in a cafe and the Metro will close in 01:00, and I don’t have enough money to take a Taxi :smiley:

Your installation may be inconsistent now, and that may be why you are getting the errors. It is critical to let it all complete at one time.