upgrade/single package installs

I’m currently on opensuse 11.1 and I was looking at the upgrade to 11.2 because it has the DeviceKit package I was wanting

But being as the 11.2 uses the ext4 instead of ext3 it may be just a little more than I would like

can I, instead, just install the package from the 11.2 into my 11.1 system or is that ext4/ext3 thing gonna hork that up ?

just kinda liking the whole " my system works just fine " thing
and not really wanting to reload the box…

if any one has any thoughts…



You shouldn’t install packages from another version’s repository, can’t you find the package you want on webpin or the additional package repositories?


I did the package search with the installed repos
suse 11.1-Update
suse 11.1-Oss
suse 11.1-Non-Oss
it doesnt show up

I used the package tool on the website

you know where you type in the package and choose which distro
and it gives you a list

it only shows up in suse 11.2

but I know full well the package is in fedora 11 and fedora 12

thats where I remembered it from and looked it up at
the tool says the package isnt in either



As I’m unfamiliar with the package you wish to install I can’t say for certain, but I would guess there must be a very good reason for it not being available for 11.1 (maybe it isn’t compatible for some reason).

As Fedora is a different distribution, which version Fedora it was included in has no relation to which version of openSUSE it’s in.

My advice is, if you really can’t live without the package, install 11.2.