upgrade seamonkey 2.0.14 to 2.2 in terminal opensuse 11.4

How can I upgrade seamonkey 2.0.14 to 2.2 in terminal opensuse 11.4?

If you have the mozilla repository in your list this should work

sudo zypper up seamonkey

If you don’t have the mozilla repository added and enabled you can use the console version of yast to add it

(or download the source tarball and install the ‘traditional way’)

Hello Ecky,
As a beginner of installing packages with tar I ask you. How can I install the just downloaded Seamonkey 2.2 package?

If you open the tar (just click on it) it should contain instructions, usually found in a file called readme or install (sometimes inside a folder called doc)

Without downloading the package no-one could really tell you what’s inside it

The usual way to install tarballs is to navigate into the (untar’d) package folder then run these 3 comannds

make install

But you should NEVER just assume this is the way to install a package as it’s not always the case, sometimes you might have a file something like install.sh for example, read the package’s documentation and follow instructions is the best advice

One thing to be aware of, if you do add the mozilla repository and then install seamonkey, future seamonkey updates should be dealt with automatically

From the README file you can’t read until you install SeaMonkey from the tarball.

Installation Instructions

Note: There is no installer available, but just extracting the tar.bz2
to the default directory (usually /usr/local/seamonkey) achieves the
same result as an installer would.

To install SeaMonkey by downloading the tar.bz2 file:

  1. Create a directory named “seamonkey” (mkdir seamonkey) and change
    to that directory (cd seamonkey).

  2. Click the link on the website you’re downloading SeaMonkey from to
    download the package (seamonkey*.tar.bz2) file into the seamonkey

  3. Change to the seamonkey directory (cd seamonkey) and decompress the
    file with the following command:

    tar jxvf sea*.tar.bz2

    This creates a “seamonkey” directory under your seamonkey directory.

  4. Change to the seamonkey directory (cd seamonkey).

  5. Run SeaMonkey with the following run script:


I just download it to Downloads then tar jxvf Downloads/seamonkey* which installs it into a seamonkey folder in my home folder.

Slightly different instructions can also be found here.

SeaMonkey: Installation and Uninstallation

you know seamonkey like firefox
can auto check and auto install updates
run seamonkey
click “help” then “check for updates”