Upgrade Problem with 11.0

I have/had 10.2 running and tried to upgrade to 11.0. The upgrade failed with some obscure error message and now it won’t boot correctly. I tried Repair and it asks questions I have no idea what the answer should be. Maybe I should just format and start all over again.

The transition form 10.2 to 11.0 is great indeed. Backup important data from /home if you can. The do New install of 11.0

It might be ok to keep /home. At least it might be worth a try. Use the same username as you had before.
You should at least get to a working desktop, and even if you have to back up /home from there and to a complete re-install. You will be happy.

Thank you for the suggestion to use the install New Installion. This worked fine.
Thank you