Upgrade path if I install 11.1 beta 4?

After a few days of playing with OpenSuse 11 with KDE4 I’ve decided to do a fresh install with Gnome as my DE, and I’m considering going with 11.1b4.

My question is this –

After installing 11.1b4, configuring repos, and continuing updates on a timely fashion as they are released, will 11.1b4 update itself to 11.1 final over time, and will at some point have to fiddle with my repository settings?

I’m still a bit confused at how updates/repositories/zypper work as compared to using apt-get/synaptic under Ubuntu…


11.1b4 still has some nit-noids.

I recommend waiting until Release Candidate 1 (rc1) due NOV 13 & then you can usually update up to and including GM release comfortably.

If it is going to be my production install, I do that & then I will also buy the boxed version and make a clean install of the boxed version.

“man zypper” There was a zypper update today & I haven’t checked it yet.

go into yast & untick all repos except oss & non-oss

  1. “zypper ref” to refresh
  2. “zypper dup” to upgrade
  3. “zypper up” to update.

Then you can go back into yast and turn back on the other repos & add your 3rd party stuff.

Have fun…

Thanks for the info. Since I was wiping things anyway, I did install it long enough to give it a peek, but now I’m back to 11.

I appreciate the advice!