"Upgrade" option on DVD does not use available WiFi nor online repositories.

As a second install I did an “Upgrade” of a previous 15.2 beta install using the DVD.
Despite two lines reading “Network autoconfig” and “Online Repositories”, the available WiFi was not engaged (nor was an easy manual config offered) and as a result an “offline” upgrade was done.
After reboot I found that some 50 packages not on the DVD or updated meanwhile in the update repo were not up to date and packages from the Packman repo were still the old ones (… of course).
In contrast, if I try an “Install” with the same media I am offered to configure the WiFi interface and as a result the first reboot offers an up to date system.
I double checked to be sure, but maybe the automatic network config works differently with wired interfaces, so those linked to a cable might not see this discrepancy.
Basically, you can do an “online install” but not an “online upgrade”, which is a bit weird in my opinion, even if I admit that updating right after the “offline upgrade” is not a big issue really.

Not strictly a request for help, rather a Heads-Up to help other early “upgraders”.

This needs to be in bugzilla.

Here it is https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1173676 but too late for 15.2.
Sorry I didn’t check that with beta builds, there was nothing meaningful in the update repo or packman until the last few days…

But it is if you have to recover some packages. My “upgrade” (from 15.1)removed about 150 packages, some of which needed to be identified and re-installed (gcc, to name one). It involved a lot of grepping through the history file.

Is it possible to get this repaired? Or should I just use the NET iso for the rest of my systems?

You can follow the bug report, but AFAIK the install media for 15.2 are not going to be re-built and maybe you are better off using the NET installer.
I cannot check at the moment, but if you manage to get a wired connection maybe the “network autoconfig” works and you might be able to update at least a few systems.

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The problem I observed is EXACTLY the title of this thread. It is a serious problem if every upgrade via the DVD image leaves your system without some of the packages that were installed previously.

Yes, I know the chances of re-imaging the release are slim-to-none. But is there any work around, or other kludge?

As a workaround you can add a local repository with YaST using either the downloaded DVD .iso image or an USB drive burned with the same image (in that latter case point to the second partition, like /dev/sdX2), assign a higher priority (lower number, e.g. 50) so that available packages are picked from the iso image rather than downloaded again, rename all the other repos to 15.2 and finally perform a “zypper dup”.
Please also see the discussion about renaming repositories before the upgrade here https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/540585-The-upgrade-method-from-official-wiki-doesn-t-work-(Leap-15-1-gt-15-2)?p=2939463#post2939463
I will eventually use that method to upgrade one of my systems, but I’m not ready for that yet, so please write if it does not work for you.

Note you may not have WiFi if you have hardware that requires proprietary drivers

Doesn’t apply to the situation described, since the “Install” option on the DVD installer offers to configure WiFi and plays nicely with it.
During a “zypper dup” you are using whatever driver you have in the system before the upgrade, so the workaround procedure should work anyway.

Bug fixed, but the install media are not going to be rebuilt for Leap 15.2.
See the bug report for another workaround.