Upgrade notification daemon ask to "upgrade" to Kernel 3.7.10

I’m using Xfce and Tumbleweed. One of the Gnome services manage the upgrade notifications. It seems to be stuck with Kernel 3.7.10 because always ask me to upgrade to this kernel, however I already upgraded to the latest available kernel in Tumbleweed repository.

Package details:

This kernel is optimized for the desktop. It is configured for lower latency and has many of the features that aren't usually used on desktop machines disabled.
Source Timestamp: 2013-05-31 22:21:23 +0200 GIT Revision: 97c14baeec524b749710c3a0dd18f9223ea55933 GIT Branch: openSUSE-12.3

If I try to “upgrade” to this package the daemon ends with an error:

There is no update candidate for kernel-desktop-3.10.9-24.1.ga0841e3.x86_64

It seems a configuration file is wrong but I don’t know which. Could you help me?

Thank you very much in advance,
Luis Pablo