upgrade m4 to m6

hi all,
i have m4 installed on my pc and want to update to m6 using yast or zypper (not downloading isos)is it possible?

Please open a terminal window and do:

zypper lr

and post output here.

This way we can see which repos you have enabled. Normally the factory repos are enabled after a Milestone install. That would mean that all you’d have to do is:

su -c ‘zypper ref’

su -c ‘zypper up’

Both commands will ask you for the root password.

You could also start Yast - Software - Software Management, Menu Packages, All Packages, Update if a newer version is available.

BTW: funny how avatars find eachother again and again.

The Factory repos don’t contain milestone 6, only the factory snapshot repos do. And “zypper dup” is the right command.

cool but i have done zypper dup befora it removed my kernel and then failed :slight_smile:


If you do an update, Check the
boot loader to check M6 is there.

Otherwise it may not start.