Upgrade Leap 42.2 to Plasma 5.9?

Simple question, can Leap 42.2 be “upgraded” to Plasma 5.9? I don’t care about the kernel. Obviously TW is 5.9 with kernel 4.10. But can I upgrade the 5.8.5 (or 6) to Plasma 5.9 without screwing everything up? If so, how? Thanks.

add the frameworks 5 repo and the QT5 repo and do a full switch to both.



Thanks, I’ll give it a try on my test drive. Do I full switch like I do when I switch to packman repo: software management >view>repos>switch packages? Thanks so much for the help. Learn so much from you guys!!!

You can do that or use zypper dup --from repotochangeto either will work