Upgrade kernel


I am a newbie. Please provide me with the steps to upgrade kernel. I must add that I do not have access to the internet in my linux system and hence cant use YAST but I can always download the new kernel rpm from elsewhere.

Would upgrading my system cause loss of prev data? how do I save prev kernel image?

I do not want to re-install the already running SNMP server during upgrade.

Please help!

Thanks a lot

If you are not using the internet and don’t have any hardware issues, it might not be worth the trouble.

If you have compiled drivers to your existing kernel such as video or VM’s you would also need kernel-source to match the new kernel, to mention just one complication.

No I do have some hardware issues which needs the newer version to run. My linux system will run internet applications but at the moment i cant connect!

Is there any link/tutorial on how to upgrade kernel and have a backup?

The easiest way is just to download the .rpm’s from the update channel
Index of /update/11.0

save it a cd or pen drive and install with Yast

The update repo only has the current kernel the newest versions are here but if you give info about you hardware there may be a fix that does not require a new kernel


Well,I use linux OpenSUSE 11.0(i586) and OS: linux pae i686.
I had downloaded RT73 for my DLINK wireless usb from Ralink Technology: Linux

Since it is nt working, the administrator had made an rpm specific to it but for the upgraded kernel.

Hence, I must upgrade my kernel to get the wireless working