Upgrade kernel-rt for openSUSE 11.0?


My laptop is still on openSUSE 11.0, and I’m using a kernel. I’d like to upgrade the kernel to the latest version, but I can’t find one in the repositories: I tried the one at

Index of /repositories/home:/sdietrich:/Kernel-RT/openSUSE_11.0

But it didn’t seem to work… does anyone have any suggestions?

Upgrading to 11.1 did not work since it couldn’t talk to the graphics card [i810 - there are other threads that go into issues, e.g. http://forums.opensuse.org/opensuse-build-service-obs/414818-old-intel-i810-driver.html]. Perhaps waiting for 11.2 might do the job?

IMHO waiting for 11.2 is your best option, then perform a clean install.

Question: what are you using the realtime kernel for?

Thanks. I will.

I’m a musician and composer - mainly jazz and contemporary/modern, and the laptop is my for live looping/recording/composition/mixing work horse.

Thought so. Was just wondering, since some people think they gain speed on an rt kernel.

Well, there’s a discussion in itself… I myself am not certain whether the speed is needed for what a lot of people use their computers. I know for certain that it isn’t necessary for anyone to have a realtime kernel for notating a piece of music, or even recording or mastering. But for live looping it seems to make more sense. Not that I’ve ever tested it!