Upgrade kde to last update 5.24.2


I wondered if I can upgrade to 5.24.2, I’m on 5.24.1.
Not sur if tumbleweed is up to date about it?

Both Plasma 5.24.2 and Frameworks 5.91 are now in Factory, and will hopefully be in the next Tumbleweed snapshot (if not then soon after).

https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Factory gives an overview of the process.

ok thank you,

So I can’t really upgrade it, I’M better to wait for the next release, right?

I upgraded with that and nothing happened, still with 5.24.1


The 5.24.2 packages (and there’s lots of them) are in the 20220224 snapshot https://openqa.opensuse.org/snapshot-changes/opensuse/Tumbleweed/diff/20220224 which is currently being tested https://openqa.opensuse.org/group_overview/1 and will hopefully be published later today.

awesome, thanks.

So, I’m new on openSuse, I was on ubuntu before, just to be sure, if a new snapshot is available, do I need to use the live usb and choose ‘‘upgrade’’ in the boot menu or just make ‘‘sudo zypper up’’ would be ok?


Tumbleweed should be updated only with

zypper dup

(And the name is openSUSE :wink: )

Thanks to all,

from my official tumbleweed that I’ve installed feb 22, if I want to install krypton snap from here : http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Medias/images/iso/?P=Krypton..iso
Do I need to make a usb bootable key again and start over ?

You can do it that way.

I seem to recall that when I last tried “krypton”, I booted the live media and checked which repos were being used (and their priorities). I then adjusted my existing Tumbleweed to add those repos with the same priorities, then used “zypper dup”. And that was all it took.

However, I also found it not worth doing. When “krypton” updated to a newer KDE release, regular Tumbleweed updated within a few days. So just staying with regular Tumbleweed seemed adequate.