Upgrade from opensuse RC to final release

Hello everyone.
Now i am using openSuSE M8 and the update repositories does not show any update ( this is correct since is just a snapshot )
But after RC will be released, the update repositories will be for the final release ?
I mean, if i keep my system up to date , on the release day will i get openSuSE 11.2 ? or i need to download the final release and install it ?
Thank you very much for any help.

Strictly speaking, what you ask is possible, though myself I would do a fresh install. Squeaky clean and all that.
You may be interested in this:
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I am a newbie to Linux so the following question is most probably a silly one but does the upgrading of the system require re-installation of all programs? Right now I am using openSUSE 11.1 but since I have some problems with the graphics I will have to install 11.2 soon.

Upgrading and Re-Installation are not the same thing.

Upgrading can be complicated, but depends on your current installation and it’s intricacies. Some packages you have now from 3rd party vendors like Packman may not be available right away at 11.2 release. Upgrading or ‘dup’ (distribution upgrade) is not always possible.

Re-Installation is is just that, but don’t mistake it for being anything like the kind of experience you might have with other popular O$'s. If you have a separate /home partition, which you should. All you user files and settings remain. But the OS is completely replaced, so you will need to re-install all your applications over and above those supplied in the 11.2 release DVD and official repo’s.