Upgrade from Leap 42.3 fails repeatedly.

I’m trying to upgrade my system to Leap 15 from Leap 42.3.

My system has 5 disk and all but one (the system drive at ‘/dev/sdc’) contain encrypted filesystems.

The no9n-system drives are 2 x mirrored pairs with each pair having its own LVM volume group. All the filesystems in these volume groups are encrypted.
All the filesystems are ext4, even root, as I don’t like the idea of wasting effort to balance a b-tree and xfs is a bit of an overkill…

Going through the upgrade, the process (repeatedly) fails with the error:

yast/wfm.rb:253 Client /mounts/mp_0001/usr/share/YaST2/clients/inst_update_partition.rb failed with 'Storage::Exception' (Storage::Exception).

I have the “y2log-31hLk4.tar.xz” log file available.

This is regardless of whether I give the process the filesystem encryption keys or not.

Looking at the lines before the error seems to show that the upgrade process has found the original /etc/fstab and is having difficulties with mounting /home. /home is in one of the encrypted filesystems and the upgrade process seems to baulk at ‘/dev/mapper/cr_home’.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello and welcome here.

Please always remember that most of the times there are several ways to do things in Unix/Linux. Never assume that all other people always use the same method to do something as you do it and thus that they will understand you when you tell only the minimum.

There are several ways to upgrade from 42.3 to 15.0 (e.g. fresh install while keeping user data, upgrade menu item from the booted ISO, online upgrade by switching repos). So please be more descriptive in what you do, and on which step you run into problems.

Sorry for missing this information.

I’ve loaded the ISO onto a DVD; boot from the DVD and selected ‘Upgrade’ from the menu.