Upgrade from leap 15.4 to 15.5

I see leap 15.5 is available. What’s the best way to upgrade from 15.4? Don’t we get a notification when a new stable release is available from the software update?


I do not know who the “we” are here or how you think a notification (from whom?) would reach them using what delivery path, but they can from time to time look at Lifetime - openSUSE Wiki

Ubuntu software applet notifies when next LTS version is available (actually, it notifies when this version is considered ready for general upgrade, which normally happens several months after GA. Last upgrade was delayed due to grub2 issues) and offers to start upgrade. I do not use non-LTS, but I assume it is the same (and one can configure applet to offer upgrade to non-LTS as well).

Yes that is what I was looking for

But without explaining what you mean (apparently assuming that others have the same background knowledge, in this case about another distro, as you), your question is bit muddy.

Soon we will add automatic imports to Leap 15.4 additionally to allow seamless migration to Leap 15.5.
When will this happen?

The automatic import of the new signing keys of the next release is are already implemented if you have a properly updated Leap 15.4

ok thanks I’ll give it a try then

I upgraded everything and no issues. Thanks for all the help :grinning:

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Not to mention the notes in the discussion:

New var $releasever

There is a new variable $releasever used in repository links. Should be used as follows:

zypper --releasever 15.5 refresh

To update repocache

zypper --releasever 15.5 dist-upgrade

For upgrade to new version

This is all properly documented as mentioned in comment 1.

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