Upgrade from 15.3 to 15.4 from DVD quietly stops and freezes

I downloaded the iso for DVD for 15.4, all seems good, checksum all good, new DVD disk.
Boot from DVD UEFI, kernel loads and asks for installation or upgrade, select upgrade, ok.
Ran through checks as on previous upgrades, no issues, start upgrade? OK
Process gets to "installing packages (remaining …), mouse icon is watch, and nothing further for an hour, no sign of any progress at all
apart from infrequent network flashes from network cable plug.
Attempt to Abort fails, mouse icon moves on screen but clicking any buttons has no effect.
Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work.
Force power shutdown and restart allows me to log back into 15.3 and run Thunderbird and other applications, but in Yast a click on repositories produces an error from Ruby
“component cannot import namespace ‘Pkg’”

Previous upgrades at this point produced quite a lot of activity from the DVD drive but mine is silent.
As I recall in previous upgrades I was able to select an option that showed details of the package currently being updated.
There is no sign of this option on my screen and ESC does not do anything.


I have not tried a DVD upgrade. I did a clean install.

The installer now is relatively silent. It does not list the packages as they are installed. About the only thing to see is that the number of megabytes to be installed should be going down.

Thanks for this. The number of megabytes did not decline in my case, neither did the number of packages.
I will take your hint and try an install.

The number of packages does not go down. That’s a known bug. But the number of megabytes (or gigabytes) should be going down.

In my case the number of GiB does not change. Complete silence from the system.
I did try an installation as opposed to an upgrade, but found that I was not able to configure a scenario where the installer would leave my /home partition intact.
I think I will make sure that I have a backup of all necessary files and just accept a complete format of the drive the way the installer wants to do it.

Easiest way:

(1) go to the expert partitioner with existing partitions;
(2) use the “System” menu near to left, and select “Import mount points”.

That should allow you to select the existing partitioning. It will want to reformat the root partition (and “/boot” if that is a separate partition), but leave everything else as is.

I was disappointed with the installer too. THere was only the progress bar and in my case (update from DVD in my oldest computers) the GIB changed the packages didn’t change. However I must say that it took quite a long time and nothing happened until the progress bar went from zero to 1%. I was tempted to aboard as well since I didn’t know if anything was wrong .Previously I saw as well how many packages where installed from DVD and how many needed to be downloaded. With some computers with slower download speed I could much better estimate the duration of the install. But the previous installers where much more clear about what the computer is doing. What is the reason to change from a clear and easy to understand installer to one where (at least at the beginning) nothing shows and you wonder if there is something wrong?

I read in a bug report that the ostensible report presented in previous installers was presenting output that was nowhere near realistic. Decision was made based on that and other criteria that I don’t remember that for 15.4 it was better to do as you have seen. Part of the criteria I think has to do with multiple threads downloading multiple packages simultaneously makes calculating a heavy CPU load that slows down the actual installation process.

But even if it is not quite correct like listing items that were downloaded in series even if they were downloaded parallel - at least you could see that the computer is working. Now even with Yast it seems the same format is used. When I used Yast to switch VLC to Packman i received the message that several packages listed were switched to Packman “including 5 more”. After clicking ‘Accept’ the only thing visible was the progress bar. The downloaded files (including the “5 more”) were not listed. All I could do is to click ‘Finish’. I must say I prefer a more “verbose” output on the computer even if the sequence displayed is not quite correct. So I am not really happy with the new form of the Installer (and Yast when installing something - I havent tried whether other areas of YAst have changed).

Thinking maybe I did not give the installer enough time I tried initiating the upgrade and leaving it alone for a while. Came back in 4 hours and screen was exactly as before. Complete silence from the system again. I have an old Intel i5 processor, and I am on a rural wireless connection (10 down, 2 up).

At some point I may pluck up enough courage to do a fresh install, but for now I guess I am stuck in a 15.3 limbo.

TLDR: System is now back up and running thanks to @nrickerts suggestion of an install above.

I think probably the upgrade does work, my problem was that I was not patient enough waiting for visible results on first attempt, and all subsequent attempts at upgrade after the interruption were doomed to failure.

Additional comments on installation:

It really helps to unplug the internet connection, that way you know that it is getting all the info from the DVD.

If you don’t specify that the expert installer should assign /home mount point to the existing /home then it creates a new /home partition. You can still get to the old /home partition and the data it contains through nautilus and can assign a bookmark, but this means messing with PATH so that applications can find information in the old configs or moving files which is messy. If you have used up a lot of the disk storage in previous partitions then the new /home ends up a lot smaller than is useful.