upgrade from 12.1 tot 12.2 LXDE version problems (sound, raid 1 setup and device permissions)

Dear openSuse peeps,
I have upgraded my opensuse AMD64 12.1 system to AMD 64 12.2 running LXDE. However, I have encountered a few bugs which seem odd and I don’t know how to solve:

  1. Sound no longer plays but due to problem 3 I can’t be sure it is not only flash related
  2. My EXT4 raid 1 setup is still working but I notice a few error messages when shutting down, that it can’t stop the md raid when shutting down
  3. I tried to see if a cd would play but got a error message saying the disc could not be accessed (looks like a permission problem)

Can somebody help me with this?

solved problem 1 and 3 by disabling alsa sound demon (probably the upgrade re-enabled it and pulseaudio was enabled as well) and by adding my username to the cdrom group again (probably the upgrade had removed that)
So only for problem 2 I’m still looking out for a solution.