Upgrade from 10.2 to 11.0

Hello All,

I have tried to install the 11.0 with Win XP but gave up. Now I’ve finished the installation of 10.2 and would like to upgrade it to 11.0. The setup ISO has been extracted to my harddrive. Any tips for it? Thanks a lot.


Hi, ok I haven’t understood what u have done?

First u tried to install 11 with win xp, u mean a dual boot?

So u gave up and installed 10.2?

Now have u downloaded the dvd iso image for version 11?

Yes, I have got a dual boot, 10.2 and XP. I have downloaded the ISO image and extracted it to a harddrive.
I would like to get a dual boot of 11.0 and XP finally. Many thanks!


Alright so first of all after u download the image u don’t extract it to a hard disk.

Did u perform a md5sum check to see if the iso image is intact?

After making sure its not corrupted, u burn the iso image to a cd or dvd depending on which image u downloaded and after burning it u then boot from it and perform an upgrade or a fesh install.

Thanks a lot! Here’s the problem. My desktop doesn’t come with a DVD driver and there’s no burning hardware available. So I have to install it from harddrive.

I am not sure if it can be upgraded from the OS itself, I doubt that it is but someone else could help u.

If OS 10.2 is working fine for u then maybe just wait till u can burn a dvd from some place.

You can also buy the dvd if u like…

You can try to install from USB drive if your system supports booting from USB.

Follow the instructions from here:
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

For the full install image, you need at least 8GB USB drive. Otherwise you can download a smaller bootable image for USB, which is just 50mb or so and give the installer path to your iso image.