Upgrade from 10.1

I have SUSe 10.1 and want to upgrade. Do I have to blow everything away like databases, config files etc? Is there a way to upgrade and retain all my mysql databases, configurations?

I believe you may find some problems with straight keeping, and it may be better exporting and importing databases.

From a recent post I was lead to believe DB software across versions can be problematic.

I would perhaps try updating slowly and don’t jump straight to 11.1 i.e 10.3 first but kinda of defeats the point.

In all honestly I would say no and export and import. But if you can back up the bits you really need to keep, then perhaps give it a try. Better still if you could try it out first on a clone.

I should add that upgrading to 10.3 is perfectly fine with me. I have no driving need to get to 11.x. I do need to get several packages updated (php, apache and some others) and that’s the real driver here.

Most important, if you know the answer, how would I upgrade to 10.3? What command do I run?

You’re taking me back in history now.

I actually think I did try around 10.1 > 10.2 to do this …

Now using the install media it gives you the option of upgrading. I have to admit I’ve never done it. I’ve seen people not recommend it I’ve seen people go, been doing it for xyz versions and have never had any problems.

I tried hot updating now this I do not recommend on mission critical but then I’m not sure I would recommend the other way either.

I did it using smart and yast changing the repo’s, but I’ve got a feeling 10.3 bought in the new zypper stack which means this won’t work.

But if you have a clone to test with, and it goes OK. Then it’s done without losing the orig, if it goes bad then guess it would be a no but you’ll have the orig still.