Upgrade erased my /home/ directory

Hello everyone,

I have just followed the instructions here: Upgrade/Supported - openSUSE to upgrade from version 11.1 to 11.2.

When it was upgrading the system, by using:

zypper dup

It had problems with a couple of rpm´s (one oppenofice extras and the other i can´t remember). I went away for a moment and when i returned the computer was blocked. I whaited to no avail. I pushed the power button and turned of the PC. I started it again, and in the boot menu it still said version 11.1, but the background was not that of 11.1, but that of 11.2. I booted but did not started X windows, worse still my /home/ directory is empty!!!

Help please!

Grab yourself a copy of Parted Magic Downloads

Using Parted Magic an Introduction - openSUSE Forums

You can check your partitions in there and mount them to see the contents.