Upgrade 42.3 to 15 - DVB-S card no longer recognized correctly

Hi there! Have an older remote Dell Precision workstation (via VNC) with a DVB-S card doing fine with 42.3 https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-HVR-4400 Firmware is in place: dvb-fe-tda10071.fw is in /lib/firmware . lspci: https://susepaste.org/74882738 dmesg: https://paste.opensuse.org/57813971 The card is apparently not recognized as DVB-S and does not show up any longer in Kaffeine. Any ideas how to fix this? :frowning: Many thanks in advance

Would downgrading to 42.3 be an option? Is it even possible?

Ok, installed Kaffein4 from KDE Extra Repo (freshly added), I can see the channels in kaffein, the devices are shown, but in the respective tabs under “Televison” there is given “Device not connected”.

However, in Yast - Hardware the card is shown, no errors in dmesg, firmware is present, modprobe is OK.

As I can’t access the DVD-drive while logged in via VNC, is there a new “security feature” not allowing VNC access to PCI TV-cards? I found nothing in Yast - Security, but I think there was something in the past. Searched interweb, without success…

Any help on that?

PS: In /dev/dvb/ I see /adater0 and /adapter1 with some empty files in it (demux0, dvr0, frontend0, net0)

This makes no sense at all…

Finally and in the end, some reboots and kaffein is back to work. Case closed…