Upgrade: 12.3->13.1 => want to change grub2 menu entry text


i upgraded my opensuse to 13.1 the way posted at (http://linux.t-tietz.de/OpenSUSE_Upgrade_12_3__13_1 in german i know).

So all works fine but the grub2 menu entry promises a opensuse 12.3? How can i change it? I simply want to change the entry text. It should inform the user that a 13.1 system will start…

thanks in advance

Change the “Distributor” string in YaST->System->Boot Loader->Boot Loader Options, or edit /etc/default/grub manually with a text-editor (and call grub2-mkconfig afterwards to recreate the menu, as mentioned in that file).

Btw, openSUSE 13.2 uses just “openSUSE” by default, to avoid this “problem” for future upgrades.