Upgrade 11.2 from 11.1: Ramdisk broken link

Hi! I have updated using zypper from 11.1 to 11.2. Does this process update the boot/menu.lst file with an entry for the new kernel? Didn’t for me.

Any rate, that’s not really the problem. I have created a new entry in menu.lst to load the new kernel but I don’t have a ramdisk image - all I have is a broken link
initrd -> initrd-

Where do I get the image from?

Many thanks in advance

ok I have fixed the problem by using the mkinitrd command, but I would still like to know if this can be achieved automatically using zypper?

Actually I think not - I used these instructions and they are suggesting this is a known bug.

It should be automatic, but there’s something in release notes about pae- kernels, and the upgrade.

I suggest that you try installing a vanilla kernel, boot with that, then re-install the default kernel, or perhaps if you have a modern desktop machine kernel-desktop would be better and preferred.

Installing new kernel, ought to create suitable initrd. If not then congratulations, you have found an upgrade bug so please report it. I dont’ see your issue in that instructions page you posted, but may be I just missed it.