Upgrade 11.0 RC1 --> 11.0 GA

I’m hoping that this isn’t, in the end, a stupid question, but I’m running 11.0 RC1 and wondering when 11.0 goes GA, will there be any issues going from the RC to GA? I’m thinking “no” but just wanted to confirm that all one needs to do is change repos from factory to the 11.0 distribution tree and all is good. I’d hate to run into an issue where I have to downgrade something, and then that requires a downgrade of something else and it leads to this massive domino effect where it’s just easier to download the GA version and re-install.


Hey katanacb

I don’t think you need to worry, changing the repo should be sufficient and just run an update against everything should put you onto the 11.0 branch. (I’m not 100% on that, but thats what I’m doing). Most updates since RC1 have fixed pretty much any of my issues with OpenSUSE 11.0 so far.

Any problems, and you can download the DVD, and simply run it as an upgrade option during setup, as opposed to a new installation.

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Quick bit of helpful information that I just read!

To do a distribution upgrade when the RTM gets released, then login to a console as root and issue the following command:

zypper dup

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Check your repos if you have updated your RC1 install, you might be set up already to grab packages from the 11.0 repos. In that case your set for release and will maybe have 3-4 package updates once the 11.0 repos go live. If thats the case your running 11.0 final right now.

Just issued the

zypper dup

command on my system, and it updates everything very nicely. So you can do that when RTM comes out to make sure you are all up to date.

As Quickshade says, check your repositories, and just make sure you have the Suse 11.0 repos selected on the day.


Where do you get these repos?

You’ll be able to find the repos here:

Index of /distribution

They have not yet been rolled out.
When they do go into YaST → Software → Software Repositories

Modify the factory ones to the 11.0 ones.

Once this is done run:
sudo zypper dup

I installed GMC yesterday and the OSS and NON-OSS repos have been acting funny since then.

NON-OSS: Index of /distribution/11.0/repo/non-oss
OSS: Index of /distribution/11.0/repo/oss

Are those correct for final release?

I ran sudo zypper dup and it told me this:

Reading installed packages...

The following packages are going to be downgraded:
  monsoon terminfo-base terminfo tack suspend pinentry-gtk2 pam_thinkfinger nfs-client 
ncurses-utils ncurses-devel libwps-0_1-1 libwpg-0_1-1 libwpd-0_8-8 libthinkfinger 
libtheora0 libsmbios-libs libogg0 libncurses5 libmpfr1 libical0 libgssglue1 
libgpg-error0 libgcrypt11 libexempi3 libdaemon0 libcdio_paranoia0 libcdio_cdda0 
libcdio7 libcap2 libblocxx6 libbeagle1 gutenprint gtk-sharp2 gnome-vfs-sharp2 
gnome-sharp2 glib-sharp2 glade-sharp2 gconf-sharp2 art-sharp2 PolicyKit-gnome-libs 

The following package is going to change architecture:

The following package is going to change vendor:

Overall download size: 12.9 M. After the operation, additional 51.0 K will be used.

I hesitate to downgrade anything, but why is it telling me to downgrade? I checked my repo list, should the OSS and NON-OSS be disabled? Or should they be set to not “auto refresh”? When I first installed openSUSE they were listed with priority “120” - when I removed them and re-set them, they became priority “99” like the rest. Is that correct or should it be different?

Yes, that is the final :o)

I am just about done installing mine .

Were those packages from a 3rd party repo? Or were they from Factory?

Well I installed what I thought was openSUSE 11 GM yesterday, but it must have had some old packages that were then downgraded - I dunno. I did the downgrade of the packages and all seems ok. Nothing blew up. :slight_smile:

Will I need to run “sudo zipper dup” again at any point or can the software updater take it from here? What exactly does that do?

Just to summarise, to convert any pre-release 11.0 distribution to be inline with the FINAL OpenSUSE 11.0 do the following:

  1. Set the OSS and NON-OSS Community repositories to the following:

(Use Yast from the Control Center modify the community repositories, and simply edit the repositories that should already exist).

  1. Login to a terminal as root (or preceed the following commands with sudo).

zypper ref
zypper dup
  1. Enjoy your brand new final release of OpenSUSE 11.0 :smiley:


thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Might just be quickly worth mentioning for new users, that where I put Community Repositories, the new Yast in SUSE 11.0 calls these software repositories.