upgrade 10.2 workstation to 11

Is it possible to upgrade a 10.2 workstation with a 11.0 install image? There doesn’t seem to be any way to boot an existing 10.2 system from a CD image of 11.0.

Using the install DVD of SuSe 11
Your best option really is to select installation and proceed as New Install, just keeping your /home as is.
That’s assuming you use /home - you don’t explain your workstation details/setup

It could be possible to force a literal upgrade - but I wouldn’t advise it

In addition to below make sure you backup your data first.
Although going from 10.2 to 11 is a big step a lot has changed probably better to do a clean install then restore your data from backup

My view is a bit different. I think it really depends on your setup, and how familiar you are with doing system configuration. I’ve had good success upgrading using the DVD; it’s just important to validate every step of the way that the installer isn’t doing something you don’t want it to do. And to make sure you have a good backup, because you may need to pull in a few pieces later like a config file from your existing install. And of course, there are likely driver updates that will have to be done after the fact, e.g., ATI or nvidia (actually, even that and Pacman updates can be added into the installation process using the “Add-on Product” option, but it’s a bit tricky). But in my case at least, I have so many tweaks thru the system that a clean install creates a lot more work. YMMV.

Either way, there is an important gotcha upgrading from 10.2 to any newer version. Since 10.3 all disks use libata (along with disk controller specific drivers) and as a result the drive-naming scheme of hda, hdb, etc. changes to sda, sdb, etc. (hda, hdb is still used for optical drives). The upgrade will not change /etc/fstab as needed. IIRC upgrading 10.3 I had to intervene to change fstab because 10.3 has a mid-install full reboot step (11.0 does an “in-place” restart, so this may not be an issue with it).

Regardless, I would advise reading the Release Notes of both 10.3 and 11.0. There will be, as always, changes you will need to accomodate.

Good day, is possible upgrade sue 10.2 to suse11.0 fron internet ??

If taht’s true, how can I to do ??:stuck_out_tongue:

INSTALL Internet - openSUSE

Better to grab a dvd of OS11 and ddo a fresh install
You can keep your existing /home partition if you like

I agree that it is much better to use the DVD, and unless you are an experienced user, to do a clean install mounting /home (that is, mount it during the Partitioning step without formatting).

There are two ways to upgrade via the net. You can add the new repo’s and upgrade all the packages using YaST. That would probably be a headache given there have been so many changes, and for sure after reboot a few things will be broken.

And, there is a network installation CD; you download and burn just the installation kernel, boot it and the rest is pulled from the net - this method should allow either clean install or upgrade, and works essentially the same as the DVD.