Upgrade 10.2 to 11.1

I have Suse 10.2 loaded on my IBM lap top.

Works fine but no updates - can i use the update facility on my Suse DVD 11.1. will there be any problems. It dual boots with Windows XP


I wouldn’t bother, a lot of people report major problems updating.

A clean install would be better.

And of course backup everything first.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I can backup my private data - no problem.

What would be the procedure. I have the commercial DVD. I also have a dual booted system with Windows XP.

A good question would be why put the option on - if it causes problems?

The hard disk is partitioned vfat for the XP and ext3 for the Suse.

It’s a pity but 10.2 has been stable for 3 years and I am a user, and a computer ‘newbie’


I would try the liveCD first to tell you the truth, especially if you are thinking of trying KDE4.

That way you could find out if everything functions properly, and also if the changes make it worth the effort of upgrading.

Not trying to put you off (although it sounds like it!), but there’s an ancient Chinese proverb - if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

OK, so it’s not really Chinese, or ancient for that matter, but I’m sure you get the idea lol!.

I don’t have the live CD. I agree with you. 10.2 is working fine and I would use KDE 3.5 as I do on my new lap top detailed below. My only concern is that there are no updates and whether any security issues would exist if I still used 10.2.

I have got 10.2 on a main desktop computer and 11.1 on a new lap top and all work ok and I can exchange data between them etc.


I’m no expert, and I speak only from my limited experience.

Can your laptop boot from a USB “stick”? If it can, and you have one lying around (4 gig minimum I believe!), maybe install on that first to try it out, that’s what I do.

It saves many many headaches.

But be careful, make sure you select the USB to receive grub, and not your hard drive!

Thanks for the reply

mm I think i will leave that one alone. It’s working and need a fool proof way to upgrade or I will leave it.