Upgarding 10.3 to 11.0 Should I expect any issues?

Hi all,

I started Linux journey with 10.3v. I would like to upgrade to 11.0 with installation DVD.

10.3 was installed with live CD and after that I had to configure WiFi, Audio and Display etc…Since I was newbie, I had to spend lot of time researching.

  1. Do I have to do that again If I install with 11.0 Installation DVD? Will everything (or atlease Wifi, Display, Audio) work out of the box?

2)Should I go for upgrade option or clean install?

3)If everything worked well in Clean install, how can I remove 10.3 from my Laptop? I guess, I do not have to do this if I do upgrade.

  1. After upgrade, will I get back all the installed packages and settings(Firefox extensions, Mplayer upgrades etc etc…)

Sorry for asking lot of questions.

Please help me to get a clear mind before 11.0 installation.

Sorry for the “Upgarding” spelling mistake. It is “upgrading”.:o