Updating Xorg Server to newer version than included in system

Is there a way for this?

I checked in the Additional repositories webpage, but there’s no “Xorg” repo listed there…


http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_Leap_15.4/ Perhaps?

Yes, thanks very much.

Now, in general, how advisable is it to use this repo (with “zypper dup”) for daily driver, either for Intel, AMD, or Nvidia Optimus rigs?
Currently the only additional repos I use are Mozilla, Wine, and Packman itself. Also with vendor change.
Could this repo provide updates for Intel GPU drivers?

Or, why does it no longer figure in these pages?

Thanks again.

What do you mean by “it”? Intel GPU drivers come in various types from various sources, e.g. kernel, Xorg & Mesa. Every kernel ships with one i915 module specific for that kernel used by all Intel GPUs supported on Linux. The Intel DDX display driver hasn’t had an official release in over 8 years, since it’s been in maintenance mode since the newer technology modesetting DIX display driver was developed. Various DRI drivers for Intel are packaged in one Mesa-dri package, specific to all the rest of Mesa.

@F_Style: Some reading for you…


With respect to the Xorg driver, from ‘man modesetting’…


modesetting is an Xorg driver for KMS devices. This driver supports TrueColor visuals at framebuffer depths of 15, 16, 24, and 30. RandR 1.2 is supported for multi-head configurations. Acceleration is available through glamor for devices supporting at least OpenGL ES 2.0 or OpenGL 2.1. If glamor is not enabled, a shadow framebuffer is configured based on the KMS drivers’ preference (unless the framebuffer is 24 bits per pixel, in which case the shadow framebuffer is always used).

The modesetting driver supports all hardware where a KMS driver is available. modesetting uses the Linux DRM KMS ioctls and dumb object create/map.

A reddit thread that may be of interest to you…

I meant the posted Xorg repository, why isn’t it mentioned in those openSUSE links?

Thanks very much for the links.
But unless I didn’t get them 100%, they didn’t help with the question of whether it’d be good to use the Xorg repo safely for daily driver, just like the other repos, or if the repo would provide help for this past issue:

Thanks again.

AFAIK that repository contains packages that are generally newer and may not yet made their way to Factory/TW, so I’m guessing an element of risk may be involved.

I’m not an intel graphics user so can’t comment on whether it would solve any issues you have.

Bottom line: it’s your call, try, and see how it goes… You can always revert if there are issues.

It was just information to broaden your general understanding of Linux graphics drivers and the way the various components work together. :wink: