Updating Xen on 11.1 breaks xen booting

Test install of a openSUSE 11.1 X86_64 system, XFCE+Xen host machine server+Internet Gateway+Network Administration+console tools.

Installed all updates except Xen updates 3.3.1_18494_03-1. 6-x86_64 to 3.3.1_18546-160.1.1-x86_64.

After rebooting to Xen kernel, Xen operates nominally, creates/runs VMs of default opensuse 11.1, plus all updates (including the Xen one in the VM’s case).

When the Xen update from3.3.1_18494_03-1. 6-x86_64 to 3.3.1_18546-160.1.1-x86_64 is installed on the Xen host server, then trying to reboot the server to Xen, the system reaches the point of trying to load the igb Intel network driver and reboots, resetting the server.

Unfortunately we were experiencing the problems which the Xen update was supposed to fix and need an update.

The server is a dual Nehalem server with E5520 Xeon DP processors.