Updating with YAST (using Kupdateapplet?)

Hi there,

I’m trying to switch over completely to using YAST to install and manage packages, but OpenSUSE 11.4 seems to be pretty insistent on using Kpackagekit to notify of new updates. I know I can just disable the notification completely and check for updates manually, but I’d really like to be prompted when new updates are available.

There is the YAST Online Update (YOU) service, but this seems to just install updates automatically without prompting. I’d really like the functionality as offered by Kpackagekit for updates (i.e. an icon appears in the system tray to prompt me to install updates when they are available) without then having to use the Kpackagekit backend.

I notice there seems to be exactly this functionality offered in previous releases by Kupdateapplet:

Kupdateapplet - openSUSE

However, when I try to install this I’m informed that it is obsolete, and it insists that I uninstall Kpackagekit completely if I want to install it (which sounds like it might cause some problems).

Is there any way I can get system tray notifications for updates without relying on Kpackagekit? Would it be ok to uninstall it so I can use Kupdateapplet?

Thanks for your help!


There is a difference between updates and new versions. Updates fix problems in your current version and new versions are new versions. SO are you looking at updates for your current versions or newer versions of the software?? In general kpackagekit only provides updates to you current versions.

Hi gogalthorp and thanks for your reply.

I’m looking for both, but getting notifications for either one for YAST to work with notifications would be a start.

In general kpackagekit only provides updates to you current versions.

From my experience, Kpackagekit seems to do both. Newer versions are marked in the software with a lightbulb icon, with bug and security fixes marked with different icons. By default, checking for updates manually using YAST, however, doesn’t provide version updates but only bug and security fixes.

The page I linked to about Kupdateapplet in my previous post seems to suggest that it deals with both varieties of ‘updates’.