updating to 4.2 release 102 conflict with yast2?

after updating to release 102 (from release 97) of kde4.2, i did the usual steps to start with a default plasma config.

seems running yast2 makes the system unstable and brings down the desktop completely… can’t summon anything and am forced to alt+sysreq key to restart.

anybody else with the same scenario?

No problem here.
Try a update all unconditionally in the kde4.2 factory repo or wait for next update.

still no joy, it stopped crashing after i disabled DesktopEffects… hadn’t had to do that since the 4.Ouch days.

i can’t say Qt4.4.90-4.5.0rc1-34.1 was kind to me.

workaround here… Newest kde4 factory, black screen when firefox starts - openSUSE Forums