Updating Suse

I just installed SUSE 11.1 and it installed fine, but I was wondering if it automatically installs all the updates such as security updates or if I have to do that myself. I used Ubuntu before and it would prompt me right after the install, but SUSE does not seem to do this. I do like the new SUSE though and I will probably keep it though the updating is a concern. :\

As a generalisation you will get updates to the versions of software which you installed. If you want to install later versions, you will need to configure the relevant repositories and use YaST>Online update; you will then get updates to these.

But there are various options for expert users.

Well, I went into the YaST Control Center and in the Online Update Configuration it lists the current update repository as none even though if I click Advanced and it lists quite a few repositories. Also, there does not seem to be an update icon on the taskbar.

Go to Software repositories and add at least Update, OSS and Non-OSS unless you have no proprietary drivers along with any others that seem relevant to your installation.

Put ‘update’ in the search box of the main menu and the update applet should appear as one of the options. Right click on it and add it to the Panel or wherever you want to put it. Perhaps if you have no update repositories listed, it hasn’t been activated.