Updating OpenSuse 12.3

I recently installed OpenSuse 12.3 (Gnome version) after a lot of difficulty getting it to be installed where I wanted it and then after more difficulty getting it to use my WiFi card. Although it now connects to the internet, I cannot get it to update itself. I click on “Software Update” and get a list of 169 updates that are available but when I click on “Install Updates” nothing further happens. It just sits there defiantly doing nothing.

Is there something else that I need to install in order to make “Software Update” work? I notice that when OpenSuse starts there is a large black rectangle on the screen for several seconds before it starts to boot properly which suggests (rightly or wrongly) to me that it may not be properly installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Please try in a terminal

su -
zypper up

Thanks caf4926, that seems to have done the trick. It downloaded and installed about 300 packages. Now all I have to do is to learn how to use OpenSuse!

You should reboot since doing that update.
Gnome has a updater that will remind you every so often about updates.

You might want to get the multimedia with