Updating libraries

Well, i want to update ALL the libraries on OpenSUSE 11.1, in the time I installed 11.1, i had not net connection so packages werent updated.

Now i have a pppoe connection, so packages wont be updated even i reinstall the system.

Tried updating several libraries like Glibc but its a real pain, thousands of dependencies missing etc.

Any solution?


Oh, this is under 11.1

Why not open each repository in YaST and do Update all? That will also pull in updates to the programs as well as the libraries.

Every single repository??? there are like 100 of them

Cant i just add http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/ ??

Any ideas?

The 11.1 DVD only has files from a small number of repositories - in particular
Main Repository
11.1 OSS

You will have added to that list by the choices you have made. So why not start with those and then work your way through the other main ones gradually?

I suspect that 90% of the updated libraries will be in a handful of the main repositories you have added.

hmm, checked the repositories ( /distribution/openSUSE-stable/repo/oss/ ) and added this one and non-oss, but it seems this will take me to 11.2.

I rather then just install 11.2, keeping my home directory, seems much simpler.