Updating firefox


I have firefox 3.5.10 on my computer, and I want to upgrade it to the new 3.6.x.

I Have the repository on my list, with the URL:

Server name: download.opensuse.org
Directory on server: /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.2/

Does the update isn’t supposed to be automatically ? How can I update to the newer version ?




You need to install it. In general the updater only references patches and fixes not full version changes. Just go to Yast and install it. Note you may ens up with 2 versions and may want to uninstall the older.

If you add the following link for openSUSE 11.2 (without the quotes) to your Software repositories, you can upgrade to Firefox version 3.6.6-1.2.


Once you have added this repository, go into Software Management and search on Firefox. Once you find the main file, switch to the version tab on the bottom section of your screen. There you can select the bullet for version 3.6.6-1.2 said to be from obs://build.opensuse.org/mozilla. Pick this version and select accept at the bottom right of the Software Management window. This should allow you to upgrade to the latest version. Other files may also need to be updated. I am running the latest version without a problem.

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Like this


I could upgrade firefox from firefox page !! :slight_smile:

thanks guys


Wow! I didn’t know this trick. Is it oducmented somewhere?

We can do this for every software we want to update? Even the kernel?

You can do it but there are some caveats to consider.
When you add a repo, it may contain some packages that are also in another repo.
For the Kernel, this is not so much an issue, but for example Mozilla and Packman have some matching Packages. Now,probably your most important switch is the one you do on Packman to get all multi-media packages to Packman(pm). But it is fine then to do the switch on Mozilla and bring one or two packages over from the Packman switch.
However, let’s say you added a kde repo that was providing the latest version of Amarok, that repo may also contain k3b, but you need k3b to be from Packman. So it’s KNOWING what you need from where that is important. Yes, make the kde switch but keep the Packages you need from Packman by using the radio switch/toggle. Like this:
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Hi caf4926,

So you mean that a software can be provided by 2 different repos? Whoa! That’s not cool… :\

In case of k3b, why I should go for the packman one instead of the kde one?

Great, I didn’t know what all these tabs were meant for. :slight_smile:

Because the SUSE packaged kde one does not support mp3 for one thing (It’s all to do with licensing laws in the US blah…blah…)
So all multi-media must come from Packman, not only to get the support for various codecs but for general compatibility too. Which is why, if you notice my Multi-Media guide, is clear in telling users NOT to keep VideoLan repo enabled, you only need ONE package from there (libdvdcss).
It’s not unusual for packages to be in more than one repo. But keep your repos to as few as you can, this reduces the likelihood of complications.

Some Other packages in kde and packman are kaffeine, ktorrent.
Kaffeine should be from Packman, ktorrent not so important unless you need DHT (I don’t)

Ok, thanks for the advice.

Really good to know and be aware of that. :slight_smile:

No worries, good luck !

I have a question about upgrading FireFox. I do have the download.opensuse.org/repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.2/ added to my list and when I searched for Firefox and went to the Versions tab, I selected 3.6.8-1.2 but Yast told me that it requires:
“mozilla-xulrunner192 > =, but this requirement cannot be provided. Uninstallable providers.” Then it told me how it would resolve this:
install libfreebl3-3.12.7-11 (with vendor change) → obs://build.opensuse.org/mozilla
install mozilla-nspr 4.8.6-1.1 (with vendor change) → obs://build.opensuse.org/mozilla
install mozilla-nss-3.12.7-1.1 (with vendor change) → obs://build.opensuse.org/mozilla

This confused me. Why couldn’t it get xulrunner? It didn’t seem to have a problem when it installed FF 3.5.
I snooped around in that directory (download.opensuse.org/repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.2/) and I went to the /i586/ folder and I saw that it was there. I don’t get it.

This is how to do it, if you use kde or have switched to the qt UI

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( Switch Yast Interface to QT )

Or post result of this:
zypper lr -d

And I will give you a zypper command for the update

ok, I will try that.

Because the SUSE packaged kde one does not support mp3 for one thing (It’s all to do with licensing laws in the US blah…blah…)

Actually all that is needed is the k3b-codec package as the packman codec package now works with the standard release of k3b.

I know this is a bit of an older thread, but I just wanted to say thanks for providing these steps. Installation completed without major problems… I encountered the “xulrunner” issue, but it seemed to resolve itself and I’m now running 3.6.8.

Again, thanks.

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Same here, I now have the newer FF and the update the way caf4926 said to do it went well.

Excellent news. Well done!

Captain_Tux & gymnart I was happy to provide any assistance and hearing that this information helped was indeed useful to know.

THank You,