Updating Error (nothing provides libgpg-error.so.0)


I’m Just looking for some info before I break our server :confused:
I am beeing asked to de-install pretty much the whole system.
I’m sure its some confict with 32bit/64bit.


To be honest I’m not sure what exatly happened. One of our lads was testing runing programs in Wine, it was shortly after this we think.

Should I go with the whole manual de-instalation/re install.

Cheers for any directions we should take.

NAME=“openSUSE Leap”
64bit Sunfire Test server.

Be sure you don’t have mixed repo versions. All should be 42.1 If in doubt show zypper lr -d

To the @OP,
I’d still suggest posting a listing of your repos regardless wheat your own thoughts might be.
It’s also possible you’ve implemented a 3rd party or bleeding edge framework which isn’t compatible with your libpgp. Your post also reveals that more than one patch cannot be installed due to your framework.

zypper lr -d