updating device drivers

what is the proper way to update a device driver? I downloaded an update for my wireless card that will work with opensuse but can’t get the computer to update it. can anyone please tell me how to do this? thanks

Is it a compressed file – unzip it and see if inside there’s a readme instruction set for installing it. Otherwise, what is the device and is there a link to the place you got the updated driver?

it’s a device driver for a broadcomm 4311 internal wireless card. I didn’t find any readme files in the zip file at all. my computer says the device is working fine but it won’t let me connect when I try to connect to the wireless. when I try to make a new network connection, it comes up to never start up in the networks configuration? I’m probably not saying that right. when I want to get online I still have to use windows to do it and I’m never gonna learn anything about the opensuse by using windows…lol thanks

Yep, and here

Getting Your Wireless to Work - openSUSE Forums

you find detailed instructions how to say it right.

I can’t figure out what you downloaded. Not enough info. No link for me to check what you were referring to.

So I suggest that you look at this thread which seems to be similar to your problem:
SuSE Linux 11.1 and Broadcom BCM4312 - openSUSE Forums

That suggests an alternate strategy: You could install the broadcom-wl package available in Yast → Software Management (Packman Repo). Then you might have to install firmware – see the posts.