Updating compiz

Hi: running x64 version. I’m trying to update compiz but I seem to have a missing dependency, libplasma.so.2()(64bit). Where do I find this? Many thanks. John

Open software management
use search but check the box rpm provides
and search for it

Thank you. I did that and the file could not be found. This is a normal install of openSUSE 11.1(x64). I installed KDE 4 and updated to 4.2. Is there some alternative way to get this file? Appreciate the help. John

Here is a screen of my search:
Notice the Check box rpm provides


The file you seek “libplasma.so” comes in the kdebase4-workspace rpm in yast > software management > Patterns > KDE3 or KDE4 Base System.

And with KDE 4.2 install all compiz components from the X11 XGL repo.

I run KDE 4.2 /w compiz & emerald.