updating 20141127 -> 20141206 breaks Xorg config (intel gpu)

Hi folks,

Just thought I’d run this through the forum before filing a bug report, as I’m new to Tumbleweed, in case I’m missing something obvious here.

Have an Asus laptop that I recently upgraded from 12.3 to Tumbleweed 20141127 (zypper dup). This worked beatifully, and Tumbleweed was running stable, no problems at all. Still using ext4 and NetworkManager, by the way.

Earlier today, I ran a “zypper update”, and this pulled in a bunch of packages from the 20141206 release, and updated just fine. I rebooted, and much to my surprise I landed in emergency mode. When I tried “startx”, I got “fatal: no screens found”. As I hadn’t written a xorg.conf in a long time, and still had the 20141127 bootable usb on my desk, I cleaned up the mess by booting from usb, disabling network repositories, force-updating all packages to the 20141127 version, and I’m back up and running.

Any idea what might have happened here?? Anything I should pay attention to before I next attempt an update?


Why? AFAICT zypper dup is still the recommended update method for Tumbleweed. Using “zypper update”, depending on repos enabled, assumes you know what you are doing and are able to reach a working system. This may be an issue for any subsequent bug report.

Use zypper dup for repeat update. :slight_smile:

Aha… I didn’t know that. :wink: