updating 10.2 to 11.1method?

updating 10.2 to 11.1 method?

This is the dual booting IBM lap top with windows XP and has been working well for over 4 years.

I would like to install 11.1 as 10.2 is not supported and I have two other machines using 11.1.

I have all the data on suse 10.2 backed up, so it is just the procedure of installation without loosing XP I would like help with.


If you have a separate /home partition, 11.1 will find 10.2 and suggest it overwrites just / .

Depending on how many KDE4 applications you intend to use, you may have to transfer some hidden files in your /home partition to the relevant .kde4 folder.

If you do not have a separate /home partition, you may wish to consider backing up /home and letting 11.1 create one for you which it will do if you use expert mode to indicate which partitions to overwrite in doing this.

Before you leave expert mode, make sure that 11.1 has set a mount point for XP.

None of this should have the slightest impact on XP but I would still back up XP before starting.

Perform an installation, not update.

Change filesystems (most) to ext4.

Why not opensuse 11.2?

Although I have a DVD of 11.2, I do use KDE3.5 and prefer the bugs to be sorted before I use the version.

Better to have all computers on 11.1 than one odd one on 11.2 and I am not sure if it supports KDE3.5

Thanks for reply

I don’t use KDE4 and I do have a separate home folder.

I am beginning to think it’s easier to leave alone while working fine…

Thanks for the reply

Leaving 10.2 which is unsupported?!

Well it is a backup lap top.

I use for XP a few times a year but linux still works fine but without support - thats why I was going to upgrade to 11.1

Don’t mind loosing all the data - it’s backed up anyway. Just dont want to destroy XP.

It does boot up via the MBR

Still not sure of the best way of tackling this installation.

I would do a fresh install and just over write the files on the 10.2 partition and leave windows alone.

Yes - cool that sounds fine.

During installation will I have the option of deleting 10.2 and be able to see windows?

yes, it will say what partition to delete, go into expert mode and delete the old 10.2 patition. Create a partition as ext4. After that set the mount point of windows to


If you have any problems, come back here and post.

Ok will go through this tomorrow.

Thanks for help

Happy New Year

same to you :slight_smile:

Custom Install.mpeg.rar - Windows Live

Here is something on 11.1 also: carl4926 - openSUSE 11.1 Install - Step by Step Photo Progression + Video

In this video, (it’s 11.2 but no matter) when you get to custom partitioning, all your partitions will already be there, all you have to do is expand the tree on the left and select whichever are / and /home
With each go to edit and format as ext3, set the mount point for each as appropriate, windows and swap will not need touching.
make sure at the summary in ‘Booting’ it is set like this