I am running the recently released openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 2 release. My question is do the updates work? I go to run the update and it tells me I do not have one configured, but it is properly configured, at least I think, under the software repositories, or are updates not currently available. If they are, and something is wrong, please advice on how I can enable them. Thanks!

The update repo is not in use, but see this thread here, specifically the response by dale14846 on that page (4th post from top).

Updates are usually provided continuously in the Factory repos for Oss, and Non-Oss. If you choose to update the milestone, you should only have those two enabled when you do zypper dup from a terminal as root, to keep things clean. If you add other repos, and forget to disable them, you may get in a total mess and introduce more unnecessary “bugs” to your system. :wink: